Where We Deliver

Domestic pigs and Yucatan minipigs are available throughout the entire U.S. and Canada.

Pre-Shipping Conditioning

Pigs are examined prior to shipment and must meet several qualifications in order to be sold as a research pig. Premier BioSource also offers client specific pre-shipment conditioning whether that be additional vaccines, treatments, hand feed training, or personnel acclimation training. Transition feed can be purchased from Premier BioSource to provide a smooth transition into your facilities diet. Each pig you receive is accompanied with a vaccination history detailing previous vaccination dates, age upon arrival, litter ID, sex, weight, and familiar pen mates. Interstate health certificates accompany animals being delivered out of state.

Climate Control

All Premier BioSource vehicles are climate controlled. During transport, temperatures are monitored, water is provided continuously, and pigs are offered feed if required due to length of travel time. The pigs are also visually inspected during transport to ensure that the animals are comfortable and are not under any stress.

Shipment temperature logs are recorded and are available upon request.