Herd Health
& Facilities

Health Status

Premier Biosource has maintained a closed herd since its inception in 1987. Our herds are serologically monitored quarterly, and regularly screened for parasites. Quarterly health monitoring reports are available upon request.

The California herds are free from PEDv, PRRS, APP, TGE, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Brucellosis, Psuedorabies and most common swine diseases.

In 2019 the Indiana herds were derived by c-section and colostrum deprived piglets were hand raised to become the basis for the current sow herds. The Yucatans were derived from our California herd, and the Domestics from Midwest commercial herds. This herd is naïve for SIV, PCV 2, PEDv, PRRS, APP, TGE, Mycoplasma, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Brucellosis, Psuedorabies, Lawsonia and much more. In order to maintain current health status, extensive biosecurity protocols have been developed. This includes the utilization of HEPA filtration for incoming air, ultraviolet radiation to treat the drinking water, shower in facilities for employees, and airlocks that apply chemical sanitizer for incoming supplies/equipment.

Relationships are maintained with licensed veterinaries who provide regularly scheduled visits and ensure all animals are healthy and fit for delivery.

Our facilities are inspected annually by the U.S.D.A. and inspection reports are available upon request. Health monitoring is performed quarterly and the results are available upon request.

Vaccinations & Parasite Control Program

Premier BioSource has a preventative vaccination and anthelmintic program in place in California. A copy of this program is available upon request. Vaccinations are not administered to our Indiana herds. The herds in Indiana have the unique benefit of being free from most swine diseases, making commercial swine vaccines unnecessary. Vaccines can be administered prior to delivery if requested.

All pigs upon delivery are accompanied with a vaccination history (if applicable) and other information relative to each individual pig.


Premier BioSource’s facilities are designed for providing the best environment for producing high health status pigs. The California facility has many of the same facility features utilized by the commercial swine industry. The animal environment is climate controlled through zone heating, evaporative cooling and variable ventilation rates. The Indiana facility employs many of the same features, in addition this facility utilizes HVAC and HEPA filtration for its air supply and is under constant positive pressure. Feed and water systems are monitored for quality and quantity on a daily basis. Humidity, temperature, and air quality are monitored constantly. Alarm systems are in place to alert for power loss or temperatures out of defined ranges. Facilities are equipped with backup water and power supplies. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and be efficient all of our onsite electrical needs at our California facility are met through solar power. In Indiana, our heating and cooling electrical needs are reduced by as much as 80% by using energy recovery wheels and geothermal.