Swine Models

Premier BioSource offers four swine models purposely bred for biomedical research. “Domestic Pigs” are an S.P.F. derived Yorkshire/Landrace hybrid. They are ideal for acute studies as they are the lowest cost option of the four models and are easy to handle. Yucatan minipig models are the, “Mini”, “Micro”, and “White Line”. The Yucatan minipig is a superior chronic model due to its smaller size, docile temperament, trainability, and hardiness. The White Line model is an excellent minipig for dermal studies.

Domestic Pigs

Premier BioSource Domestic pigs are a Yorkshire/Landrace hybrid and were originally derived from a S.P.F herd. Domestic pigs are used primarily in acute studies or surgical training. They are a fast-growing pig that will be well over 100 kg by sexual maturity at 5-6 months of age. They are white pigmented and have coarser hair than the Yucatan minipig. Domestic pigs are preferred for acute studies and have a gentle temperament. They are typically fed ad-lib but can be limit fed to control growth.

Yorkshire/Landrace Domestic pigs are now available nationwide.

Click here to view the Domestic pig’s growth curve.

Yucatan Minipigs

The Yucatan minipig was established from 25 animals imported from the Yucatan Peninsula to Colorado State University in the 1960s. Some of those animals became the foundation for the Premier BioSource herd in the late 1980s located in Ranchita, CA. The Yucatan is better suited for chronic studies and are easily trained. Their skin pigment is typically a light gray to black color and are much more hairless as compared to Domestics. Yucatans are a much slower growing pig with a typical growth rate of 3-5 kg/month. They are 20-30 kg at sexual maturity which occurs at 5-6 months of age. The Yucatan minipig is a limit fed animal. Its diet is higher in fiber and nutrient density. While the initial cost of the Yucatan is higher, the benefits of using the Yucatan minipig are reduced feed costs, space requirements, and slow growth rates.

Premier BioSource also offers a white line Yucatan for dermal studies.

Click here to view the Yucatan minipig’s growth curve.